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What are your registration fees?

Fees are based on age.

Pre-k $75

u7 - $100

u8 - $110

u10 - $120

u12 - $125

u14 - $130


What does a uniform kit include?

A uniform kit includes black shorts, a jersey, and blue socks. 

What age group should I register my child for the Spring 2019 season?

2013 and after - Pre K

2012 - u7

2011 - u8

2010, 2009 - u10

2008, 2007 - u12

2006, 2005 - u14


Manhattan Youth Athletic Association Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Manhattan Youth Athletic Association?

Sponsored by Ameri Plate

Ameri Plate

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Sponsored by Fulcrum Farms

Fulcrum Farms

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Sponsored by Berkot's Super Foods

Berkot's Super Foods

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Sponsored by Allstate - Brad Linthicum

Allstate - Brad Linthicum

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Sponsored by First Bank of Manhattan

First Bank of Manhattan

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Sponsored by D.Marie Photography

D.Marie Photography

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